Turning Traffic and Leads into Qualified Sales Opportunities

Stop Hustling

Let me design you a conversational marketing strategy (with email/sms/chat/video) based on your unique message that attracts higher quality leads.

You don't need more content. 
You don't need more traffic.
You don't need better branding.

If you can attract conversations with quality prospects, your life and marketing will be 10X more simple and effective.

This is what we do.

Are you ready to hire expert help and become more efficient with your time?

Listen to what customer's say...

ELLIS: “Arvell has helped us grow our leads by over 250%..."
STAN: “I've trusted Arvell's input and feedback on marketing my businesses for over 10 years."
DAVE: “I was totally lost before you... now my day is literally packed with meetings, orders, and requests..." 
SCOTT: “I'm over getting 80% open rates with Chatbot Funnels compared to the 20% we got with email marketing..."
LUCAS: “With Arvell's help, we converted about 10% conversion of the targeted leads..."
JEFF: "Arvell is our goto resource for chatbots for our clients"


How Conversational Marketing is Like Smelling Salt to Comatose Ad Campaigns

Arvell Craig, CEO Chatbot & Funnels
Since 2017, Arvell has trained thousands of businesses, marketers, agencies and entrepreneurs all across the US on chatbots and conversational marketing. 

As an early adopter of chatbots, Arvell has hands-on experience on building profitable and highly converting chatbots across multiple industries and with different chatbot building platforms. 

After founding Chatbot Funnels in 2019, he has helped start-ups and national brands create highly effective chatbot sales and marketing funnels. 

Before focusing on Chatbots, Arvell has been a digital marketing consultant and agency owner since 2001. Having served hundreds of small and medium sized businesses, Arvell understands the principles of ROI, KPI, and creating solutions that bring in real revenue; not vanity metrics. 
Past Chatbot Workshops
2020 AZIMA Phoenix
2020 Lead Generation World Denver
2019 INBOUND Boston (Hubspot)
2019 #DIGITALSUMMIT Minniapolis
2019 #LEADSCON Boston
2019 Internal Training for SixthDivision
2018 #DIGMARCON Houston
2018 #DIGMARCON Santa Monica
2018 #SMTulsa Tulsa
2017 #ConnectConvert LeadsCon NYC
2018 New York City DigiMarcon
2018 Las Vegas Affiliate Summit West
2017 Los Angeles DigiMarcon
2017 New York City DigiMarcon

Chatbot Funnels is Drift Certified Partner and a ManyChat Certified Agency.

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